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Alter: 17

Wohnort: Rock City No. 1

♥ Ich mag ♥:
Mich^^ °viieeel Lachen °Frühling und Sommer °Ferien °Freunde °Party °Musik °Konzerte °meinen Hund °Schoppen °Shishan mit Freunden °Sommerregen und den Geruch danach °Achterbahnen °Pfannekuchen °mein iPod °Vera °Tage an den es stürmt und ich drinnen gemütlich lesen kann während der Regen aufs Dach prasselt °der klare Sternenhimmel (er gibt ein Gefühl von Freiheit und Heimat, da er einfach überall gleich ist) °Korsika °weite unberührte Sandstrände °Mazda mx-5

Ich mag nicht:
Schlechtes Wetter °Möchtegerne °Lernen °die Tage zwischen den Wochenenden °Fisch °Hip Hop °Langeweile °Hausaufgaben °Klingeltonwerbung °Eingebildete Leute °Wenn nichts los ist °Staub °Wadenbeisser °Füße °Dunkelheit °Einsamkeit

Gammeln, TVschaun, Trinken (man ich hab gute Zukunftschancen), Judo, Freunde, Musik (leider nur hören^^), Konzerte

♪ Musik ♪:
Rock, Alternative, Indie, Emo

♫ Bands ♫:
My Chemical Romance, Tool, White Stripes, Winson, Union Youth, PANIC!At The Disco, Mando Diao, Crosbi, Snow Patrol, Arctic Monceys, The Strockes, alexisonfire, Lostprophets, Billy Talent, Fall Out Boy, Q.O.T.S.A., Kyuss, Eagles Of Death Metal, Beatsteaks, Muse, Interpol, Mae, The Vines, Orson, Winson, Taking Back Sunday, AFI, The Sounds, The Subways, Papa Roach, Sufjan Stevens, Lovehatehero, Head Automatica, Finch, Saosin, Killswitch, Bullet For My Valentine, From Autumn To Ashes, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, The Shins, ...



me,myself and I in 150 questions! by klesa

name: Nathalie
nickname: too many to list
birthday: too late in year
height: 171
weight: 58
hair: normally blonde
eyes: dark brown
any piercings?: would love a lip piercing
tattoos?: would love a star at my ankle
any siblings?: yes 4
what do you like to wear?: bags^^ , something with dots
book?: Biss zum Morgengrauen
color?: purple, black
movie?: too many
celebrity?: Brandon Urie
place?: My roof
food?: Chilli, Pfannekuchen
dessert?: Banannenquark
alcoholic drink?: Sex On The Beach
non-alcoholic drink?: Multisaft
day of the week?: Friday
number?: 7
month?: december
city?: chicago, Düsseldorf, Sanarie
country?: Corsica
animal?: Wild Cats
time of the day?: 3 o´clock
smell?: Angel Innocent
tv channel?: Pro7
song at the moment?: Bleeds No More (Silverstein)
friend?: Vera
place to be?: cellar
time of the day?: autumn
day of the week?: wednesday
song/music gender?: folk music
animal to you?: spider
drink?: uhh ähmm
food?: fish
*have u ever...*
been so drunk that you cant remember?: ohh yeah
cheated: no
been cheated on?: hmm kind of
been in love?: yes
been on TV?: yes
stolen anything?: no
been on stage?: yes
passed out?: kind of
had a surgery?: hmm small one
broke the law intentionally?: hm everbody does
had a friend pass away?: jup
been lied?: yes
been dumped?: ???
*do you...*
do drugs?: no
get drunk?: sometimes
dance?: yes
party?: yes
sing?: just allone^^
play an instrument?: would like to
get along with your parents?: yes
think you are attractive?: yes
swear?: yes
smoke?: hmm
get motion sickness?: yup
wear contacts/glasses?: noo
get good marks?: kind of
watch cartoon?: yes
drink milk :3 ?: jap
write poems/stories?: jo
take a particular medicine?: ähm no
go to psycholog?: no
have a pet?: yes
are you allergic to something?: no
play an online rpg?: no
get online on msn a lot?: yes
google a lot?: yes
have fights?: no^^ just Judo
read magazines?: yes
read comics?: would read them
how many hours do you sleep?: 7
how frequently do you go to hairdresser?: every second month or so
get along with your teachers?: yo
What's your preferred genre of music?: Alternative, Indie , Emo
All-time favorite band/artist?: The Used
All-time favorite song?: Bleeds No More (Silverstein)
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?: everything
What's your favorite radio station?: 1Live
rock?: Yeeeaaahhhh
blues/jazz?: hmm
classical?: for sleeping^^
rap?: nope
pop?: hmm
country?: nooooo
emo/screamo?: Yeeaahhh
heavy metal?: uhm
techno?: yup
reggae?: Seeed
r&b?: noo
time you cried?: Today
movie you watched?: Desperado
person you talked on the phone?: Sina
cigarette?: Marlboro
song played?: Our Lady Of Sorrows (MCR)
thing you ate?: Pizza
time you took a bubble bath?: can´t remember, ages ago
time you got drunk?: silvester
time you read a book?: yesterday
email you get?: today
person you got a fight?: hmm
time you hugged someone?: yesterday
time you kissed someone?: bad question
time you met someone new?: every day^^
time you went for a date?: also bad
*do you believe in...*
God?: yes
religions?: no
aliens?: there must be something
ghosts?: no
afterlife?: yes
yourself?: no
astrology?: no
karma?: no
magic?: hmm
*in a girl/boy*
hair: dark
eyes: green
hobbies: xtrem sports
style of clothing: emo
kiss on first date?: yes
love at first sight?: hmm maybee
who do you wanna slap?: Right now? Micha
who do you wanna kill?: noone
your dream: "Ich habe einen Traum, einen Traum zu haben..."
do you want to get married?: maybee
love?: yeah
i wanna be: Media Designer
all you need is: good friends and family
identy yourself with 3 words:: humorous, openminded, spontaneous
what is your worst characteristic?: messy (in my room)
what are your fears?: darkness, spiders
what is your weakness?: spiders
favourite quote?: ???
cartman or kenny?: kenny
shoes you weared last time?: white ballerinas
what is your aim for this year?: got no aim

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